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Join our Teaching Corp 

Our Teaching Corp members are more than just instructors but mentors, inspirations, and the occasional pick-up basketball teammate for our students. 

For one semester, stationed at a city of one of our partnership locations throughout the United States, our instructors are the lifeblood of our organization. Vetted through a rigorous application and intense onboarding process, these talented individuals are the defining pillar of our program.

National Recognization

Every year, as a part of our nonprofit, our instructors have appeared on local and national press, been awarded Congressional Recognition Certificates, and have been invited to speak for professional events.  


Unrivaled Experience

Members of our Teaching Corp are deeply committed to the youth of communities in which we invest in with our partnershipsSimilarly, our instructors enjoy access to an extensive professional network of those sharing our ethos, spanning from business to politics.  

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